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Cyberpsychology and New Media: A thematic reader

by Andrew Power and Grainne Kirwan




Cyberpsychology and New Media provides a more modern view providing new information than some of the other Cyberpsychology books. This makes for interesting reading where you can find out how websites such as Facebook and other social networking sites are affecting individuals everyday life.


Cyberpsychology and New Media starts of with a very detailed introduction about the history of Cyberpsychology. Then in each chapter it covers in great detail existing research that has already been carried out to investigate outcomes of using the Internet such as effects of anxiety and personality.


Clear, informative and well presented. This book is structured in a way that makes it easy for the reader to find out about the background of each topic mentioned in the book. It also highlights the most relevant and interesting topics, which are being constantly studied in the area of Cyberpsychology.


Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Communication

Part 3 Personality and Internet Use

Part 4 Internet interventions and therapies

Part 5 Internet and education

Part 6 Conclusion