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Psychology and the Internet

Internet addiction

Psychology and the Internet By Jayne Gackenbach


Psychology and the Internet focuses on how the Internet affects individuals and others in society. It looks at all the important implications of using the Internet such as addiction, effect on memory and aggression. This book provides an extensive in-depth description of Cyberpsychology which covers the positive and negative aspects of society using the Internet.


The book is laid out with a clear introduction followed by an in-depth description of the topics which will be covered in the specific chapter. This is followed by an explanation and analysis of all the research which has been carried out regarding a topic in Cyberpsychology. Each chapter ends with a conclusion of what the research has found out and whether a conclusion can be drawn from the findings of what the researchers have found.


Psychology and the Internet is coherent and well laid out. The book follows a logical order and helps the readers understanding by providing clear descriptions. There are references throughout which will help with any further reading that the reader wishes to carry out as well as pointers of how research that has already been conducted could be improved.


The Internet in Context

Children and the Internet

Self Online: Personality and Demographic Implications

Disinhibition and the Internet

The Psychology of Sex: A Mirror from the Internet

Internet Addiction: Does It Really Exist? (Revisited)

Revisiting Computer-Mediated Communication for Work, Community, and Learning

The Virtual Society: Its Driving Forces, Arrangements, Practices, and Implications

Internet Self-Help and Support Groups: The Pros and Cons of Text-Based Mutual Aid

Cyber Shrinks: Expanding the Paradigm

From Mediated Environments to the Development of Consciousness II

World Wide Brain: Self-Organising Internet Intelligence as the Actualisation of the Collective Unconscious

The Internet and Higher States of Consciousness – A Transpersonal Perspective